Offer of Contract Engagement for the Post of Health Manager.

Post of Health Manager
Letter No.
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Chabra F.20(HM)/NRHM/HRD/4970 Dated : 06.11.09
Ms. Neetu Changani F.20(HM)/NRHM/HRD/4969 Dated : 06.11.09
Dr. Prabal Kumar Panwar F.20(HM)/NRHM/HRD/4967 Dated : 06.11.09
Ms. Raj Kumar Sharma F.20(HM)/NRHM/HRD/5017 Dated : 09.11.09
Dr. L.B.D.Choudhary F.20(HM)/NRHM/HRD/4972 Dated : 06.11.09
Dr. Ram Kishan Jat F.20(HM)/NRHM/HRD/4968 Dated : 06.11.09