Offer of Contract Engagement for the work of Post of District IEC Co-ordinator

District IEC Coordinator under NRHM Programme
Letter No.
Ms. Usha Phulwari F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/672 Dt. 17.02.11
Mr. Satish Kumar Meena F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/674 Dt. 17.02.11
Mr. Kailash Chandra Meena F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/675 Dt. 17.02.11
Mr. Ashish Verma F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/677 Dt. 17.02.11
Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Meena F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/673 Dt. 17.02.11
Mr. Mahesh Kumar F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/676 Dt. 17.02.11
Mr. Mohammed Sharif Chhinpa F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/678 Dt. 17.02.11
Mr. Rahul Meena F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/680 Dt. 17.02.11
Ms. Jyoti Pareek F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/681 Dt. 17.02.11
Ms. Vaishali Sharma F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/683 Dt. 17.02.11
Mr. Vinod Kumar Bishnoi F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/684 Dt. 17.02.11
Mr. Devesh Gandi F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/685 Dt. 17.02.11
Mrs. Asma Khan F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/686 Dt. 17.02.11
Mr. Malkosh Acharya F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/687 Dt. 17.02.11
Mr. Parikshit Singh Tomar F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/688 Dt. 17.02.11
Mr. Rammohan Jangir F.20(DIEC)/NRHM/HRD/10/679 Dt. 17.02.11